The Drees & Sommer Group collaborates with leading partner companies to offer clients specialized, interface-free services.

Cooperation projects take place at both company and project level when the same specialist expertise is required for typical projects. Drees & Sommer is also a member of temporary cooperation projects in education and research. The aim is to promote innovation and advance socially relevant initiatives. The key cooperation projects on these three levels are described in brief below.

Cooperation projects at company level

Kardham offers a comprehensive range of services for the integrated management of projects – from the design stage through to commissioning. Founded in 1992, the company now employs 300 people, is currently involved in 700 projects, and is one of the most highly regarded players in the industry in France. The company’s collaboration with Drees & Sommer will enable it to look beyond the French market in the future and to include the realization of international projects in its range of services.

Cooperation projects at project level

With 250 employees at three locations in Germany, Carpus+Partner AG provides consulting and planning services internationally. With a focus on corporate properties, the company provides consulting, expertise and general planning services for complex construction projects – from the initial idea through adding value to the properties.

Operating internationally, gempex GmbH is an independent service provider specializing in consulting on and implementing GMP requirements in life sciences. Headquartered in the German city of Mannheim, the company maintains offices in Sisseln, Switzerland, and Guangzhou, China.

Based in Switzerland, Maxmakers is an international real estate consultancy specializing in project planning for mixed-used and vacation destination developments.

Die SD Group – consulting services – ist ein branchenübergreifendes Beratungs- und Dienstleistungsunternehmen für die Freizeitwirtschaft. Kern der Leistungen sind nachhaltige Masterkonzepte von den ersten Planungsschritten bis zur Inbetriebnahme. Im Fokus stehen dabei insbesondere die Branchensegmente Shopping & Lifestyle Destinationen, Freizeit-, Sport- und Gesundheitseinrichtungen sowie touristische Destinationsentwicklungen.