Healthcare Mobility

Mobility is a key topic for the future – in the healthcare sector as in every other. The challenge is to manage patient, visitor, material, energy and vehicle flow optimally and network them with each other. How this can help healthcare institutions increase efficiency and improve cost-effectiveness will be explained at the Healthcare Mobility symposium taking place in the German cities of Stuttgart and Hanover in October.

The healthcare sector has been in a period of transition for years, with hospitals most affected: huge cost pressure is forcing them to make savings while at the same time extremely high standards of quality are required of them. This balancing act calls for efficient processes, customized services, or even restructuring of entire hospital locations. In collaboration with the viamedica Foundation, enercity, and Buderus Deutschland, Drees & Sommer has been looking at the question of how improved mobility can make healthcare institutions fit for the future

The events will take place at two locations:

October 16, 2018: Robert-Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart, Germany

October 23, 2018: KRH Klinikum Siloah, part of Hanover Regional Hospital (Klinikum Region Hannover)

The main issues will include:

  • What planning challenges exist for hospital locations? How will logistics exchanges take place in the future?
  • What role is played by electromobility? When will the e-ambulance be introduced? How important will carbon-free transport in the hospital grounds be?
  • Will it be necessary to rethink car parking facilities and control systems?
  • Can digitization optimize waiting times by improving indoor navigation?
  • How can hospitals use examples of best practices to combine their experience within the sector and share it with the minimum of effort and at minimum cost?

The extensive program and the registration form can be found at the event website (in German) at: