Study: Bridging The Climate Gap

How can municipalities contribute to a carbon neutral society? What is hindering them and what solutions are available? These and other questions were investigated by thinkstep AG and Drees & Sommer in their joint study "Bridging the Climate Gap".

The experts analyzed 15 European cities, including Aarhus, Glasgow, Helsinki, Munich and the Swedish city of Växjö. All the cities in the study claimed to be affected by the consequences of global warming, and they regard the effects of climate change as relevant to their city. At the same time, they do not all feel equally compelled to take action. More than 60 percent of the cities currently lack greater political support, although they believe it is necessary.

40 percent of surveyed cities also believe that they lack administrative structures for multi-disciplinary climate protection measures. In relation to funding, 70 percent of the cities replied that they lack the financial resources to set more ambitious climate protection targets. As far as expertise and capabilities are concerned, two-thirds of the cities included in the survey mentioned a lack of personnel with the right technical skills. Even more see a lack of education, guidance and training as a barrier.

Authors of the study are Martin Blumberg, VP Sustainable Building & Construction at thinkstep AG, and Drees & Sommer’s Blue City team leader, urban planner and expert planner for energy efficiency Gregor Grassl.

Please find further information in our press release and under the following link: Bridging The Climate Gap