Green Stadium In A Blue City

What does building a sustainable sports venue entail? And how can the local district or the city as a whole benefit from such a project? Arne Sebastian Fritz and Tristan Schmedes will speak on these and other topics at the Coliseum Summit Europe on 20-21 March 2019 in London.

With a smart sustainability strategy, sports stadiums and arenas can enhance the value of the surrounding area and bring lasting vibrancy to the district. To achieve this, however, they should be considered as district developments within a city of the future – a Blue City. Economic, ecological and aesthetic factors should be taken into account in the same way as social interactions and topics such as digitalization, mobility and infrastructure.

Arne Sebastian Fritz und Tristan Schmedes from Drees & Sommer's expert team Sports and Entertainment will give insights into these topics at this year's Coliseum Summit Europe in London. Layth Madi, Managing Director of Drees & Sommer UK and Matthew Greenstreet, Director of Project Management and Construction at Drees & Sommer UK, will also attend the event and will be available for a discussion on the local market specifics.

Please see the program for further information.