Mobility concept metropolitan region Munich

The study includes a detailed overview of existing mobility projects and recommends courses of action based on a professional analysis of existing infrastructure, modes of transport, and interfaces. The key goal is to achieve higher-level integration of the individual measures. As the preliminary stage of the project, the study also provides an optimal basis for developing a long-term integrated mobility concept.

Additional value

Knowledge is mobility: The foundation for future-proof mobility solutions has been laid.

Project data


Europäische Metropolregion München e.V.


Munich, Germany

Project duration:

November 2017 – December 2018

Administrative Districts:


independent towns:



26.000 km²


6 million

commuters per day:

1.5 million

passengers in Munich Transportation Authority (2017):

716 million

mobility projects surveyed:


Indiviual services

  • Networking study with survey of regional authorities, institutions and companies
  • Development of a database and website
  • Moderation and presentation of the process
  • Organization of a mobility conference
  • Development of recommended courses of action

Location map