Residential Properties

Residential Properties

The residential industry is engaged in the development, construction, restoration, marketing, leasing and management of residential real estate.

The acute demand for new residential property means new challenges for the industry. To secure the planned returns, projects must be completed on time, within budget and to the required standard of quality. Construction projects in the residential industry are subject to additional special requirements.

Developers of condominiums, for example, have to harmonize marketing processes optimally with planning and construction. This applies particularly to client management with regard to quality of furnishings and facilities, special requirements and on-schedule handover. Portfolio holders are increasingly confronted with the need to undertake energy and technical upgrades of their established properties. In most cases, residential property has to be modernized while in operation, that is, while occupied. Here, careful schedule control and strong tenant support are required to ensure that their rights are respected.

Drees & Sommer supports project developers and portfolio holders with new construction, the repurposing of various types of buildings to residential use and the optimization of established properties. We provide advice on efficient and energy-saving operation. This also includes the improvement of planning, construction, client management and tenant support processes.

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